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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A good Saturday afternoon film

Recently Daughter and I had an afternoon to ourselves in the house. We baked cakes, we hung out a bit and then for a change we decided to watch something online. I am not one for watching TV but I just fancied relaxing for a change. 

We checked the various websites – BBCiPlayer, Film 4 etc. and eventually I found something I thought would be good and which would both of us would enjoy.

Then we cuddled up on the couch and hit play.

The film we watched was brilliant. Daughter was dying to know what happened next and kept getting excited, asking questions. Two year old, who incidentally was with us, emptied the colouring pencil box on to the settee but we didn’t care. We were engrossed.

The film was brilliant – excellent acting, fantastic storyline, everything we could possibly want from a Saturday afternoon film.

At the end of the film we discussed how brilliant it was. Daughter wanted to go back in time, to be there and discover what really happen. 

As I have blogged about here I love history. The film of course was a historical one about The Princes in the Tower, the two sons of King Edward IV of England, who disappeared from the Tower of London in the late fifteenth century. 

That’s how to get kids interested in history.

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