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Thursday, 16 June 2011

End of term

End of term

A few years back I visited a school in England where children where put up a year once they had sat their SATs. I wrote a piece on it and was very impressed by the system. It meant kids were not wasting the last couple of weeks of the summer term bringing games into school and when they returned in September they hit the ground running as the term goes.

This year we are taking our children out three days early to go to France. So instead of playing their Nintendo DS in a classroom and waiting for the bell to ring my children will be:

-          travelling the length of England and half of Scotland and no doubt asking us geography related questions.
-          discovering Birmingham – I’m sure we can find some culture there.
-          spending a bit of time in Sussex and enjoying the English countryside
-          learning French (it’s a long journey and they already know quite a bit)
-          asking lots and lots of questions, some of them sensible, many of them not.

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