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Friday, 4 March 2011

Last night's TESS pre-election debate

One of the things I was surprised at last night was how polite every one was, in particular the politicians. I have been told that when the English TES held a similar event, things were a bit different. SMPs must be more refrained.

When booking, we were asked two questions for a poll – who we thought we would vote for, and who we thought will be in power after the election. The same questions were asked at the end of the debate.

For the first question the winner was the SNP with 40%, for the second question the winner was Labour with 63%.

Without going into too much detail, the SNP did come across as very confident whereas sadly Labour did seem a bit uncertain about what they were going to do, particularly with regards the new SEQIA, and Mike Russell did use this to his advantage.

So based on how each of them came across last night I can understand why so many voted SNP. But people still think Labour is going to win, which is interesting.

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