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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I love Boney M. Always have. And I happily admit to having seen them a few years back in the Paisley Town Hall. And they are so educational too.

Over dinner one night, number two child and I were talking about Russia, he being the child who is fascinated by countries and who gives his sister a geography lesson using the world map on his wall.

Number two child was fascinated to hear about Russia, and about Rasputin and the Russian royal family. Cue a chance to go on Youtube and show him a bit of Boney M singing Rasputin.

As someone who loves history, it was great to see how interested he was and how amazed he was at the story of this undesirable man and the effect he had on the ladies, and the various methods used to try and get rid of him. I hope he continues to love history for he now no longer wants to visit Russia.

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