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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Career choices

Darrell wants to be a jedi when he’s older. Hayden, now older and wiser, has decided against being an astronaut, and is now in favour of being a footballer. Avril, taking a break from her art ambitions, is going to be a scientist.

I vote for Darrell’s choice. I think being a jedi sounds like a great idea and shows he has some of his mum’s philosophy on life. Why go for sensible?

On a recent trip to the hairdresser’s Avril got asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Artist or hairdresser was her reply. “Oh, encourage her in to hairdressing, there’s always jobs in hairdressing” she told me.

At the ages of 8, 6, 4, and sixteen months I think there is plenty time for sensible options. If they ever come. When I was little I wanted to be either an author or a pianist. Well no matter how many times I play “Three blind mice” or “Frère Jacque” I’m kidding nobody.
I believe you should follow your passions in life. I have, and I am happy with that choice. Others I know who went for the sensible option, are miserable in their jobs, or counting down the years to retirement. The day will come when my children sit down and weigh up their career options. That is when the sensible option will be pondered on. But for now, I’m going to speak to Hayden again about becoming an astronaut.


  1. I agree that it is important to have dreams and hold on to them whatever your age in life. My children currently aspire to scoring the winning goal for England in the World Cup, becoming a famous actress and being a Blue Peter presenter. My 85 year old mother still hopes to be the first Granny in space. Good luck to them all.

  2. Brilliant, that's the kind of thing kids should be dreaming about (and grannies). It shows imagination.