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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Penny the Postie book review

Book review of Penny the Postie

We have a house full of books, and shelves full of books for all ages. But we are always happy to add to them, which is why when Guernsey Post asked me to review Penny the Postie by Keith Robinson I was more than happy.

I was sent this book to read with Hayden who will shortly be six. Hayden is now at the age where he is looking for a bit more from a book – more excitement and more emphasis on a storyline.

So, this is a book about Penny (a postie obviously) who one day notices a strange looking postbox. Checking it out, she falls inside where she lands on a desert island and has all sorts of adventures (think Mr Ben). Pirates, crocodiles, haunted caves, and a treasure map all feature.

Hayden loved this book. It has all the ingredients to capture the imagination of a child his age, the illustrations kept him amused, and he quickly became engrossed in the story.

Educationally, there were several things I liked about it. Ages ago I read about the importance of having pictures in books written for children who were old enough to read. Too often once the children can read, the pictures go, and his can be offputting for children. Why not have both?

The level of language was appropriate for Hayden’s age. He knew some of the words, but not all of them – not a bad thing for a five year old. 

I liked the fact Penny was a girl. The adventures she has challenge stereotypes in a very non-confrontational way.

Free with the book is a set of stamps worth £2.95 set out to look like a treasure map. I can confirm that this had the desired effect. Before sitting down to write this review I discovered that they were missing. So with Hayden I had to search the house for the treasure map as he tried to remember where he had put it.

If you would like to win a copy of Penny the Postie leave a comment below. All names will be put into a hat and Hayden will personally pick the winner out on Sunday 10th October.
Penny the Postie


  1. As a mother of three boys, two of whom have vivid imaginations, this book sounds perfect! The concept of a post box which leads to a desert island sounds very interesting indeed, allowing the child to become engrossed in this fantasy land. I do prefer a children's book to have pictures so this book, which is full of colouful illustrations, sounds a pleasurable read and a fun way to keep boisterous boys from to being too boisterous!

    Hazel Hiram

  2. Thanks for commenting Hazel. You are currently favourite to win the competition!

  3. What a lovely review. My son would love this, we love to read together every night before bed and we could do with some new stories!

    Count me in!